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Rates & Terms

We book fast!  We have VERY limited availability left.


COVID Information:

For the 2021 Season, we are offering "traditional," non-socially distanced visits, IF you wish.

Santa and his helpers are fully vaccinated, and he will be sanitized between visits using UV light and a special sanitizing solution.  He always wears gloves, and will wear a clean pair for each visit.  He and his helpers will only wear a mask if you would like / request him to do so.

He and his helpers will also adhere to any reasonable COVID precautions as you request.

We ask that you make sure your guests are feeling well, are fever free, have not been sick or are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms the week before your visit, and practice good hygiene.

Additionally, if we feel you or any of your guests maybe too ill, we reserve the right to end the visit at any time, and you will still be responsible for he entire booking fee.


Santa and Mrs. Clause Rate Schedule:

From Now till December 20, 2021:
$100 an hour, $125 for 1 1/2 hours, or $75 / hour 2 hours and after.
December 20 - 24 (Weekend of Christmas, through Christmas Eve):
*Before 5 pm:   $125 an hour, $150 for 1 1/2 hours, or $100 / hour (minimum 2 hours)
*After 5 pm:      $150 an hour, or $125 / hour (minimum 2 hours) - Pro-rates available after 1st hour*

For Mrs. Clause to accompany Santa: Add $30 / hour

Mrs. Clause is not always available at the same times Santa is - she can be booked separately.
Christmas Day Prices:
$150 an hour, pro-rating available*
For Mrs. Clause to accompany Santa on Christmas Eve / Day: Add $50 / hour

*Pro-Rating Available with approval; usually starting after 2 1/2 hours, and in half hour increments.



To make a reservation / schedule a visit with Santa:

Please EMAIL booking@santaforhiredfw.com

You will need to know the following information:

~Date / Time of Visit
~Your name / Party Name
~Party Type
~Approximate number of people attending and their ages
~Place of Visit
~Santa's Entrance / Activities Desired
~Contact information (billing and for day of visit if different)
~Any special instructions / requests
~Payment information / Deposit required

We use a form system to collect client information, in order check on availability, we only need your event time, length, and location.  The link to start the booking process will be sent to you if we have availability. 

If you have any questions, please ask!  If you do not know your exact details, please call and we'll help you plan your visit.

We are currently only accepting reservation requests and inquiries via email.  

Gift service (delivering gifts to people at party): 

Usually gifts are given to Santa when he arrives, before he makes his entrance, and he passes them out to guests; there is no charge for this service.

All gifts must be WELL MARKED. Santa prefers larger letters and printed handwriting.  Clients provide all gifts.

~Must fit in Santa's bag or client shall provide additional bags.
~If labeled, please include the correct spelling of names and make the presents easily identifiable.
~Not responsible for broken / damaged / lost gifts. 
Items that won't fit in Santa's bag: $15 extra ($25 + $15)
~Not over 25 pounds; if gifts are over 25 pounds, please be prepared to help Santa and / or his helpers carry / deliver them at the event.

Please call / email for details.


Pictures and right of use:

Clients  / event goers can take their own pictures, with their own camera unless specified by the event's organizer. 

Santa's helpers may take photos with patrons camera's if available and does not interfere with other duties.

Santa for Hire does retain copyright of their Santa and his likeness and their images.  Event hosts are allowed to use the Santa provided by Santa for Hire DFW for images to sell (such as portraits) or to promote selling of goods / services / events to the event hosts listed in the booking contract only.  Any event or party goers capitalizing on their pictures will be subject paying royalties or paying for the amount of the full contract in which the image was taken.

Likewise, Santa for Hire DFW and it’s agents will be taking photographs at the event and may use those photos, and the people / images / events depicted in them for social media or other promotional use as Santa for Hire DFW sees fit, including promoting events not associated with the host of the event where the picture was taken.   Upon booking, the hosts agrees to allow all guests to be photographed and their images used for promotional purposes by Santa for Hire DFW. If an individual disagrees, they need to contact Santa for Hire DFW to have an image removed / stop use. Santa for Hire DFW will not pay royalties or commissions to any individual depicted in their pictures being used, such fees will be responsibility of the host.

 Not responsible for picture quality or camera's damages  / performance if any issues arise.

We do not offer any photography services.  If you need a photographer, we can recommend some in the Metroplex. 


Deposit / Invoicing / payment info: 

There is a $25 non-refundable deposit to finalize your booking with Santa.  This $25 will be applied to your balance unless you change or cancel your reservations.

In order to confirm a reservation, clients must read through and agree to all the terms in writing, included here, and via email.  Replying directly to the booking emails and forms with these terms disclosed is considered a binding contract between the party requesting the "visit" / making the reservation, and staff at Santa for Hire DFW.

If you ONLY PAY THE DEPOSIT, but do not confirm via email, phone, or forms, then the visit will be considered booked and confirmed.  We will also assume you agree to all terms here and in writing via emails, even if you failed to respond.

Not paying the deposit, but confirming details is not a complete contract and the visit will not be booked, unless otherwise noted.

You will have 7 days from the start of the contract / when it was sent to you, to confirm the terms and pay the deposit. If the visit time is shorter than 7 days away, you will have 24 hours to confirm and pay the deposit, unless otherwise noted.  After that time frame we cannot grantee we will have your visit time available.

Deposit link will be sent with the contract and will also be available when you confirm your contract.


Payments accepted are: Paypal, credit card, cash, or check.

Cash and check:

If you are paying at the time of visit with cash or check, please give all payments to one of Santa's helpers.  We try to be very discrete when dealing with payment at events so we do not upset or interrupt the guests (especially the small ones -- we don't want them to see Santa accepting money).


Make checks payable to: Santa For Hire DFW

$45 fee for all returned checks.

Gratuities accepted and appreciated.


Credit cards payments:

Credit cards can be accepted via Paypal (please ask for address) or onsite via Square Merchant at time of visit.  Please note an additional 4% fee is required when using credit cards and Paypal (will be reflected on bill).  If you are paying onsite with your credit card and is it is not accepted due to service interruption or denied charges, you will be responsible for payment before visit is finished, so please have a back up method available.

Prepaying is also accepted (call for credit cards, please ask for mailing or Paypal address if necessary).  DO NOT send cash via mail or credit card information via email or mail.


Invoice / final total will be sent to client at least 24 hours before scheduled appearance, if you need a hard copy delivered at the event, please let us know.  Unless otherwise noted, once the visit is invoiced, there can be no changes.  Client will also be contacted 48 / 24 hours before scheduled appearance for confirmation. 

All invoicing will be emailed via Square Merchant Systems up to 24 hours prior to the visit.  There will be a direct link included if you would like to pre-pay your visit online prior to the reserved time.  Invoicing will reflect the 3% added fee and will list the cash price.

If you need an invoice for the deposit, or need an invoice sooner, please let us know.  Credit receipts should be instantaneous, cash and check receipts could take up to 72 hours and will be delivered via email. 

Cancellation and Change policy:

~Must cancel 72 hours before scheduled appearance, and must make any changes or requests 48 hours before scheduled appearance to avoid being charged for the entire visit.  Unless otherwise noted, once the visit is invoiced, there can be no changes.

~For visits 3 hours or more long, we request that you change or cancel at least 7 days before your visit is scheduled to start.

~We have a right to end the visit if we feel a guest is showing signs of COVID or any other illness.

~Your deposit is non-refundable. If you pre-paid your visit's balance, then you will be refunded the balance minus the deposit, unless you cancelled after 72 hours before your visit is scheduled to start, in which case you are not subject to any refund.

~Failure to cancel or make changes within the 72 hour period will result in loss of deposit, and / or possible shortening and cancellation of visit.  If the visit is shortened or cancelled, please understand that you will still be responsible for payment of the full scheduled visit.

~Payment is due at end of visit. If a balance remains after 90 days with no payment arrangement, then the matter will be filed in small claims court or with a collection agency.

~These cancellation and change terms includes any issues related to weather.

~Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel a visit at any time. If we do cancel a visit, a refund of your deposit or balance is subject to our discretion.

Traveling / Service Area:
Santa is based in Dallas, but can visit you anywhere!  But, if Santa has to travel outside North of 380 in Collin County, South of I - 20 in Dallas County, West 360 in Dallas County, or East of Fate, there is a $35 travel fee.

Additional Info:

~We anticipate Santa to be a "real beard" Santa for the 2021 season.  However, if he is not able to, he does have a high quality theatrical beard.  Client will be notified at least 24 hours of scheduled visit if Santa will have a real beard or not.  If not, the client can choose to cancel the visit at no cost or will receive a discounted rate.

~Santa will always be accompanied by at least one other person; he will never "visit" by himself or out of costume. 

~He prefers not to eat in costume. 

~Santa loves pets, but sometimes they don't love him, please be prepared to restrain or kennel them if he asks. 

~Santa will also bring candy canes for each child (and usually each member of the party); you can request that he not do this, or if you would like to substitute something else, in which case the client will need to provide and assume costs for the substitution.

~We try our best to be there on time, but cannot guarantee an on time arrival, especially when dealing with high traffic times, inclement weather, or busy nights (like Christmas Eve), so please be patient and understand that there are things Santa cannot control.  One of Santa's helpers will notify you when they are enroute and provide you with updates as to their ETA while in transit.  Typically though, Santa arrives early.  Billing adjustments can be made onsite if Santa is more than 30 minutes late; time adjustments are subject to availability.

~For events longer than 2 hours, additional requests maybe made to accommodate Santa for restroom or possibly meal breaks.

~Santa and his companion(s) / helper(s) have the right to terminate the visit at any time if either party feels unsafe for any reason.  Client will still be accountable for payment of full scheduled visit in case of termination for any reason. 

~Client also assumes all liability in the instance of any injury or accident to any members of the party or Santa and his companion(s).

If you have any questions about his abilities or experience, would like to meet him before hand, or want more background / personal information, or have any questions, Please email (booking@santaforhiredfw.com) with questions.  Book your visit with Santa early! 


Terms updated 10/2021

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